new bop sounds

by Gideon Conn

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released September 5, 2010



all rights reserved


Gideon Conn Manchester, UK

'The people of Britain may not know it yet, but Gideon Conn is one of their national treasures.' - Scroobius Pip
'What's going on in that crazy noggin of yours?' - Russell Brand


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Track Name: Eccentric
Eccentric between you and me pretty fine, live for the music the melody the rhythm and rhyme. gonna prove this, naturally, it's gonna shine and i use my influence to make you smile
Track Name: i want you around
giving it in to the rhythm my life is all about,
touch me like a heartbeat that i can't do without.
But of course this is the purest form of transcribing my feelings,
with music you can't deny things.
Been lucky to be able to do what i wanna do,
i do it for me but i also want to share it with you.
And i'm gonna be turning your ear to my slap and high pitch technique,
bend the strings to make the guitar sing that's what i mean.
I'm always looking for a new sound that's how its meant to be
that's why i want you around for this melody.
Track Name: yes no maybe
I'm not a man who knows what's good for him all the time,
i may be confused , i may be in a little denial
as to who my heart is racing for and if it's worthwhile chasing,
replacing a page of my life with a chapter of ill fated love interests.
who knows what's in the mind of the opposite sex
but if you are in any dount then here's a suggestion,
go and find out, don't sit around with an erection

first you're going to lie with me oh yes
then you're going to lie to me oh yes
then you'r going to tease my mind oh yes
when you going to free my mind? oh yes
i know it means the same to you oh yes
from the little things you made me do oh yes
you know you mean the world to me
evidently miss yes no maybe
Track Name: mighty lightning
it doesn't make a difference that you sold your soul
for a meaningful existence and you hope you hope
that the after life is fiction cos you know you know
that you're never going to get in cos you sold your soul
and you wonder will you ever put your life to rights
one day you'll see the light

did you see the fire of affliction on the road that goes
to the river of sedition where it flows it flows
to the valley of religion with its prose its prose
that divides our opinion who knows who knows
what is the truth of our existence while in this world we wait we just sit and contemplate
Track Name: if you don't mind
you've been bugging me lately but what the hey
i'll take a ride with you anyway
actually if the truth be made clear
i'll take a ride with you anywhere
destination as yet unkown
new york, paris, milan, madrid or moscow
or we could just stay in this evening don't you know
it's February the weather man told me it's cold
i'll cook a nice meal from my repertoire
i'll even help to clean up instead of playing guitar
when the first bottle of wine is gone we'll start another we can cuddle undercover and watch detective drama
that's my idea of an evening in
in which i kiss your tender lips, in which i kiss your silky skin
in which what's bugging my about you lately is abundantly clear
i want you near but you're never here
Track Name: wildfire
watch yourself, watch this is a wildfire
what is wealth , why is it so powerful

power hungry, eat money for breakfast
money makes money but money gets restless
alimony does a lot to correct this
free money is a very canny investment
old money has rewritten history textbooks
big money is a form a erection
although a lot of people will not accept this
money fucks money and money is sexy

poverty, sickening disease of the masses
with symptoms such as being really fucking hungry and angry
in time the people worst affected learn to abandon
any hope of seeing money they can lay their hands on
random, the lottery is won or lost at birth
either you are blessed with money or without it you are cursed
there is only one way to set the system in reverse
put your hands in your pocket and reach for your purse