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Hip Hop Original

by Gideon Conn

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kniftoj I love Gideon, he is funny, warm and socially aware, Saw him for the first time this month and was really taken with his engaging style of performance. I bought one CD at the gig and felt I had to own them all.
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Wah Wah 45s are proud to present the third album, and first on the label, for vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, rapper, painter, carpenter, raconteur and one of the most talented and unique artists you're likely to encounter - Gideon Conn. Hip Hop Original sums this man up in those three words, and it's an album that tells tales of everyday life, love and relationships, politics, the law and even sport, all delivered in Gideon's unique style. It also delivers some of Gideon's most personal lyricism to date.

The album features some of the finest female vocalists working in the UK today - namely erstwhile Resonator, Bunty; Matthew Halsall collaborator and artist in her own right, Josephine Oniyama; a lady we first discovered via her work with The Boxettes, Yvette Riby-Williams; as well as regular collaborator, Hazel Tratt.

Hailing from Manchester, England, Gideon Conn is something of a one-off. His charming energy, quick wit and unique vocal often stun, and sometimes confuse, but in the end, audiences and listeners inevitably fall in love with this enigmatic, incomparable troubadour's warmth and showmanship.

As much influenced by Joan as Policewoman and Simon & Garfunkle as by Aretha and Stevie or Mos Def and Talib Kweli, Gideon's eclectic take on hip hop music is unparalleled with its soulful, humorous edge and intricate, inventive lyricism.

Having already garnered fans as diverse as Guy Garvey, Tom Robinson and Shaun Keaveney on BBC 6Music, Rob da Bank (Bestival) and John Kennedy (XFM) the next stage in Gideon's story is already eagerly anticipated by radio, press, festival goers and the army of fans he's garnered over the years.


released November 27, 2015

Written by G. Conn
Published by Wah Wah 45s Publishing Ltd.



all rights reserved


Gideon Conn Manchester, UK

'The people of Britain may not know it yet, but Gideon Conn is one of their national treasures.' - Scroobius Pip
'What's going on in that crazy noggin of yours?' - Russell Brand


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Track Name: Sweet Music (feat. Hazel Tratt)
Music is amazing it gives me everything
Nothing can compare to the joy that I feel
When I listen to a tune freshly brewed for my amusement
a four second loop has got me hooked and now I'm grooving
Hours have passed and I haven't left my room
Not even for a drink or to go to the loo
Just sitting head bobbing
body shaking all around
It's getting pretty late I'd better turn the music down

Music is like a source of energy to me
An essential supplement a dietary
Requirement just like niacin and iron
I need music to keep my soul alive
A creative outlet for discovering
With musical expression I'm in love again
I'm always looking for a new sound that's how it goes
The purpose of my life it never leaves me only grows

Sure I can't play guitar right now
At least not for very long anyhow
Leaves me with a void, it's been hard to replace it
An extension of the body a limb amputated
But I'll still play music and I still write verse
Without these things my life would be worse
I've got to practice and I've got to perform
that's who I am to this life I was born

Music keeps the soul alive
It makes you wanna
Think about what's on your mind
And write a song
If we don't ask questions then we'll never learn the answer
Music is the truth it never leads you on

Music sweet music. Music's where my heart belongs
Music sweet music. Music's where my soul comes from
Track Name: I Just Don't Know You Very Well (feat. Bunty)
I just don't know you very well
She could not call him after ten
She was not taken with his friends
He was not making any sense
She could not find the words to say
I just don't know you very well

He sold Intel Pentium processors to growth economies like Indonesia.
He's always at the station at the crack of dawn so he can be the first one on the phone.
He couldn't live without life's infrastructure cause inner-city London seems to suck you into a windowless atmosphere where people get lost and never reappear.

She wore patterned tights and high-heeled boots and she always had a good book on the tube. She was a PhD biology and she like to cook for her friends once a week. She'd just come out of a five-year relationship and she wasn't really up for replacing him, but then you never know who you're going to find and she couldn't get wouldn't get him off of her mind.

They met at a party in Camberwell. She wasn't going to go because she didn't feel great, but her friend persuaded her because she needed a mate. She went to the basement down below where he was dJing songs from a MacBook Pro. And each one of them caught the others eye, then they were talking pretty much the whole night.

But you know it doesn't always have to be that way, it takes time to know if someone is really great. Getting through two people's insecurities, can be difficult to see the wood for the trees. So take another chance to get to know somebody. Although it may seem like you have nothing in common, you never really know until you give it a try, and as long as there's attraction the rest will be fine.
Track Name: In the Abstract
Suitcase awaits the bass
Make haste chase the race
Great tasting waste of space
Six seven eight Nine ten Jack queen king ace
Donate your favourite plate
Locate nitrate
Set stage to engage
Mondays will rotate and gyrate
Contemplate orchestrate
Ovulate or gestate
Don't die intestate
Leave your best mate
Your garden gate

In the abstract you take a musical sketch
And incorporate a lot of meaningless text

Syllables are malleable
They are immensely valuable
They cannot be held fallible
If they are unpronounceable

Suitcase awaits the bass
Brush with Colgate toothpaste
Subliminal advertising makes mistakes
When it isn't really hidden you can see through the frames
Erase your database
Confess face to face
You were seen sipping a daiquiri near a factory in Napoli when you were supposed to be back from your lunch break
Bake a potato cake
Serve it with mayonnaise
Or make me an aeoli if you really want to show me that you know me and you also think that garlic is great
Drink to intoxicate
Posh girl on second date
Cocktails then oxtail soup wearing fox fur on park lane
Track Name: One in a Million (feat. Josephine Oniyama)
It's only life
No need to get it right
Recognise we all get carried away

You alone
Are the only one who knows
The greatest human being there has ever been

You may seek
Fortune and fame
A way to make your name live on

it's our fate
That time will prevail
Unless you are the one in a million

So in love
Can never get enough
Don't ever switch off that part of my brain

The thought of your face
Makes my heart race
My eyes are blind to find anyone else

Hearing your voice
Swiftly destroys
All my self composure and courage

Been here before
False Sense of allure
You are just one in a million worries
Track Name: You Make Me Smile (feat. Hazel Tratt)
I can't talk in loud places. How do I think/feel about the way people see me as a singing, paper tearing, guitar player, creative obsessive, asleep on the agenda?
Why do I feel the need to separate myself from the rest of the world?
I don't want to write the next line
About myself just to know that I thought about my priorities and try to focus on the right things.
Joyful interest distributor proud and grateful, I say it like a gangster but let us remember, that it's people are important not things. More so those we care about. Forgive me but I just started out writing and it's plain invasive. I'd rather be scraping my knee or spending the afternoon making babies, or lost in daydreams with you.

I don't want to surrender to my inner self. I just want to enter a new stage of inner wealth. No longer quite as young as when I begun, and as time moves on I must confess it's harder to have fun. With all of the pressure that life brings to bear, physical, mental, emotional cares, That affect my decisions and control my affairs, and leave me wavering between joy and despair. But when I see her face around the workshop my thoughts stop as if a penny dropped. did it?of course not. I'm going over there to talk to her now is my chance. If there was music playing I would ask her to dance.

Do you catch yourself tripping at night, riddled with doubt and uptight, you got to live your life right.

Confusion is controlled by no man, nor understanding it seems. Both have the answers and I'm learning to appreciate dreams. The type in which you set a goal and go after it, with single-minded focus and an eye for the accurate. Immaculate technique comes after great years of practice, and even then only appears when you hit bang on the axis. Practice in itself is a great form of pleasure, done in between the writing and recording at your leisure. You can learn something new for the first time only once, then it in your muscle memory and it's time to move on.
Track Name: The Modern Age
Shoot the breeze take your dreams overseas but please make your peace with the people you leave
Take it easy its 33° in the shade
In the heat of the day
Drinking lemonade under the Colonnade
Watch the mardi gras parade
With the floats going by
Colours costumes and confetti for miles
Couples are sweating dancing close
Hormones in the air everywhere you go
Cornets trombones and saxophones
Swinging with the cymbals and the snare is there
Giving a backbeat so you can move your feet
And shake your hips
like Gladys knight and the pips
In the sixties dancing in the street in Detroit
Martha reeves and the vandellas rocking the joint
Motown was the sound of the times
In the hearts and the minds
An expression of a new generation
Who believed they would see racial equality in their lifetime thanks to dr king and the movement
Working tirelessly for civil rights improvement
Take a leaf out of the book and close the page
Any struggle can be overcome in the modern age

In the modern age anything can be done
In Hollywood Chaplin was the number one
The star did the directing and the musical score
That kind of talent isn't found anymore
He made people feel like they were the only one
They'd orbit him like planets around the sun
His personality was so magnetic
If you'd ever met him you would never forget it
In the film modern times the little tramp gets a job on an assembly line
Which was still a new concept invented by henry ford to make the model T quickly so he could start selling overseas in big numbers it was all about mass production
A car for the people at a price they could afford to pay this philosophy was later ascribed to the Volkswagen beetle and the Austin mini don't be cynical
classic designs stay in style
they remain with us as symbols of their time
Brands influence choice that's here to stay
A precondition of decisions made in the modern age
Track Name: Miranda Warning
Everybody wants a piece of the pie but the person with the biggest is bigger than I. Take somebody's helping if it catches your eye, you won't notice who's suffering when you take a bite. Your loss is always someone else's gain. In finance or relationships the truth is the same. Dressing up a proverb like it came from my brain, there are something's in this life that don't need to be explained. Everything is on a database in any case. Credit card, mobile phone, car registration plates. Soon the government will require your DNA and a corrupt official will falsify evidence that can put you away. CCTV follows me, easy to trace as your internet history. Privacy is no longer a part of modern life. Watch out for piracy your identity could be in doubt.

I think I said it before, you check your jurisdiction before you start a war. You do not need to say anything but anything you do say can be held against you in a court of law. I'm going to say it again, you can't go through life being everybody's friend. It may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something which you later rely on in court. I'm going to tell you straight, better late than never but there's no excuse for being late. You have the right to consult a lawyer before speaking to the police and to have a lawyer present during questioning now and in the future. I'm going to say it once more, nothing good will come from transgressing the law.

Knowing and understanding your rights as I have explained them to you, are you willing to answer my questions without a lawyer present.

Everybody wants a little piece of the action, like McCartney when he bought Michael Jackson. Actually I think it was the other way around-

Michael bought the Beatles for 47 million pound. Where did he get that kind of money from you're wondering? His revenues were huge before he had a chance to squander them. His downloads went through the roof the minute he died, and the film they made of the concert was as good as seeing him live. There was a little confusion around his death. Some story about medication was sold to the press.

So ended the best performer of his generation whose extraordinary talent belied a dreadful situation. A man who never truly came to terms with who he was. Always a superstar, always a God. Always fallible to the dangers of his fantasy. Believing something doesn't make
it true unfortunately.

I think I said it before, you're only as good as your last performance.

You do not need to say anything but anything you do say can be held against you in a court of law. Let me put it like this, if it looks like it and smells like it, it probably is it. It may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something which you later rely on in court. We're going to take this from the top so stop me if you think enough is enough. You have the right to consult a lawyer before speaking to the police and to have a lawyer present during questioning now and in the future. I think it's all in your mind, did it all happen by accident or was it designed? Knowing and understanding your rights as I have explained them to you, are you willing to answer my questions without a lawyer present.

Everybody needs to get a sense of perspective, doesn't take a detective to locate the objective here. Protective gear donned in the back of the van, quick as they can cause adrenalin will wait for no man. Trouble is the call came when the trouble was on, now the trouble is gone but more trouble is on the way with guns. A proportionate response is what the press release will say, but the press release is grey and the press will have a field day.

It doesn't make any difference, just a lot of what ifs and inconsistents. You do not need to say anything but anything you do say can be held against you in a court of law. Everyone's under pressure. When action is required it's either now or never. It may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something which you later rely on in court. I can see through those lies. Your alibi is only your word against mine. You have the right to consult a lawyer before speaking to the police and to have a lawyer present during questioning now and in the future. It's up to you to decide, but the prosecution's case is water tight. Knowing and understanding your rights as I have explained them to you, are you willing to answer my questions without a lawyer present.
Track Name: New Oblivion (feat. Josephine Oniyama)
One fine day in a new oblivion.
There are times in your life when you might start finding things you never had before. One fine day in a new oblivion.

When you go to sleep but never wake up
that is the end, there is nothing to come
and everything that has gone only exists
for other people if they remember it.
Everything in this world is transient, changing, an accident.
Though everyone of us strives to make an impact the size of the task makes this a big ask.
But if we don't try then life on earth would have no meaning
Just an empty vacuum without floor or ceiling
And we might as well all get high as a kite
But we don't because we know we must get on with our lives
So we gain specialist knowledge which sets us apart
Creates a sense of purpose and makes us feel smart
all the time looking for balance so we can reconcile
With ourselves that our lives are really worthwhile

Maybe in another world in another time
You will be another man with another mind
And there's no telling what this other man will be thinking
That depends on his background and upbringing
Every culture takes a different approach
What is normal for one seems strange for most
Information is the key to understanding other people
Prejudice is born of ignorance which has been lethal
For centuries ever since man learnt to travel
They discovered other races and set out to unravel their beliefs
Through persuasion and then by force
You are not the same as us so you have no rights at all
And your choice is to assimilate or live in fear cos we will never understand other people that is clear
Thus a tragic unending state of resistance when
We only have one world to try and co exist in
Track Name: Crystallised (feat. Yvette Riby-Williams)
This moment just crystallised and i know I've got to got to keep this dream alive and I've got to get you. Did you ever want to show it to me, did you never want to go to me and I've got to get you.

I see a wiggly line and then I move it then the wiggle is a squiggle and the squiggle is fine
I've got plenty of time to write rhymes about my life and if he rhythm is right I could be writing it all night
Sometimes you feel you get carried away with whatever direction you're imagination takes
But it is only a mistake if you let it be that way
So carry on a little longer and see if something breaks
Keep looking for discoveries elusive like clouds
Embrace each new enlightenment mysteriously found
Keep searching for what you are after
Share it with friends the dilemmas and laughter
Escape from reality for just a moment more
Trust in your instinct and never ignore
Whatever is your calling it calls you inside and it tells you what it is you're meant to do with your life

I see a simple design I think about the way that style and efficiency combine
To make beautiful things that we use all the time, forever refining to improve our lives
As much a part of mankind as anything else ,we can always attempt to reinvent ourselves
Consequently we are never satisfied with status quo, wherever we have reached there will be further to go
And that's something to be cherished - an infinite goal
Our work is never done so we are always involved
And we won't be a people void of aspiration we can alway rely on our imagination
To push the boundaries to exciting new depths
The smallest of changes can have enormous effect
And that's what can make a great civilisation
The ability to follow a dream and keep chasing it
Track Name: Question of Sport
You can learn an awful lot reading about sport
The men and women who play it live their lives in a microcosm
Their every action has consequences and is prone to sanction
Ethics and morality are held at stake
Both on and off the field of play
Subject to scrutiny every time
They step across an invisible line
We expect misdemeanours from politicians
sex and alcohol from musicians
But sports men and women are treated differently
They are Expected to be meticulously clean
In every aspect of their personal lives
cos they do special things achieve greater heights
the more famous they are the more highly paid and the more we care and the less we tolerate
when they don't live up to our expectation
And supreme talent gives way to frustration
Are they letting us down if they act in a way which we deem inappropriate to behave ?

First the question of Ryan giggs
The most decorated player in the premier league
former sports personality of the year
A player with a 20 year united career
Are we within our rights to sharpen the knife
Because he chose to sleep with his brothers wife
Is it any of our business what he does off the pitch?
There is no right or wrong answer to this

More recently the case of Luis Suarez
Serial biter comes under a barrage
Of attack from FIFA and the football world
4 month ban, duly served
But is a bite worse than an elbow to the head?
Or career ending tackle that gets a straight red?
Questionable, he cannot control it
But it's Unacceptable we will not condone it

Sometimes they're ostracised for things they haven't done
A fascinating case when a race was won
in the 800 metres by caster semenya
By a very large margin
to be accused later
by the other competitors of being a man
Turned out she had testosterone as well as oestrogen
that wasn't her fault but she was vilified
By a media campaign that ruined her life

Listen I could keep going on
Athletics and cycling damaged by drugs
Can we really put our faith anymore
In records broken, do you know for sure
Then there are incidents of match fixing
The seduction of gambling afflicting
Many sports which we need to know
are competed fairly not just for show

In tennis Four men reign at the top
Winning every grand slam they've cornered the lot
Their domination is so clearly spoken
It's hard to conceive that it could be broken
Thankfully their characters are unimpeached
Never any accusation levelled at their feet
Only immense focus, determination
And an ability to win that marks them as the greatest
Track Name: Two Four
Doesn't feel like hiphop
Why ever the heck not
Because the beat is different
A little more persistent
Two beats in every
bar Instead of four
Changes the rhythm
And the phrasing of course
And then the rhyming pattern
is yours to choose
You can rhyme on the two
Or on every other two

You use a rhyme.
you use a half rhyme.
you don't rhyme at all.
It's no crime.
If what you say feels right
say it however you like.
If you find the right way to say it there's a very good chance
other people will understand it
and then you have accomplished part of what it is that you set out to achieve.
And anyway the other part is only make believe.

Hip hop original that's my goal
Mind over matter let the truth unfold
Search for it inside your soul
Nurture it so the roots take hold
Virtuous, virtues extolled
When it's turbulent take firm control
Learn from it make new from old
My mother's maiden name is Vivienne Feingold
Track Name: Mind Original (feat. Hazel Tratt)
Nowhere to run nowhere to hide
You'll discover you might be lovers with time on your side
Do you know where to look do you know how to find
A mind original my religion is dying all the time

A mind original my decision is final

Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust
Try as you must
In truth we trust
Injustice is around all of us
It is contagious
The Famous
We expect to be our saviours
And dangerous too
A vicarious trait we would do well to lose
And yet we choose to accept
Indeed the real architects
Remain unseen
behind the screen
And the magazine
Preparing to deceive and trick us
Manipulate our wishes
implant an ideal
of what is good and what isn't
Although we realise it we are still swept along
You cannot resist against a current so strong
it's wrong and I want to get away
But I'm stuck in a rhythm of living this way
How many times can a man exhale when he knows that the world that he lives in will fail